UPS3000/3110/3210 Digital Pressure Indicator


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Rugged construction and smart features qualify the UPS3000 series digital pressure indicators as the quickest, most cost-effective calibration solution available. 

Designed for use in the manufacture, test or calibration of pressure sensitive devices, the UPS3000 series incorporates an exclusive bonded foil strain gauge sensor and microprocessor-based electronic circuitry for long-term stability. In addition, each model offers three independent anges for accuracy within 0.05%.

Housed in a durable, steel enclosure, the UPS3000 series remains compact and lightweight for a balance of long lasting, portable use. The self-contained rechargeable battery option guarantees over six hours of convenient operation wherever your work takes you. Different technicians can calibrate the same transmitter and get identical results...every time.

From pressure switches to burst discs, relief valves to transmitters, the UPS3000 series promises years of dependable performance at an affordable price.

Standard Features
  • Portable table top, panel mount, or 19 inch rack-mount version available
  • Available in 10 sets of ranges: 30,000/15,000/6000 psi, 20,000/10,000/4,000 psi, 10,000/5000/2000 psi, 5000/2500/1000 psi, 2000/1000/400 psi, 50/25/10 psi, 1000/500/200 psi, 500/250/100 psi, 100/50/20 psi, 15/7.5/3 psi
  • Three independent selectable ranges in each instrument
  • ±0.05% F.S. accuracy of each independent selectable range
  • 16 gauge painted mild steel case
  • No potentiometers or analog adjustments for calibration
  • Push button zero
  • 0.02% F.S. display resolution typical for each range
  • Absolute and/or gauge switch selectable calibration modes
  • Multi-conversion unit with 10 conversions standard: inH2O, mmHg, inHg, kPa, BAR, mBAR, cmH2O, Kg/cm2, and % F.S.

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