2019 09

MTR105 Motor testing at its best


Multifunctional testing capability

The new Megger Baker MTR105 hand-held motor tester is designed and built for performing multifunctional tests on motors. All in one device and at an affordable price.

The multifunctional tests include:

■ Insulation resistance tester
■ DLRO (Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter)
■ Voltmeter
■ Motor rotation tester
■ LCR meter
■ Low resistance ohmmeter
■ Temperature measurement
■ CATIII 600 V (up to 3000 m)

Environmental protection and Safety Ratings
The MTR105 is IP54 rated which makes it capable of providing protection against moisture and dust ingress, including the battery and fuse compartment and also, it is a CAT III rated 600 V (up to 3000 m) which makes it safe to use.

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