R 類熱電偶和S 類熱電偶由精細的鉑和鉑銠合金製成,其溫度範圍為0 °C 到1450 °C,在該範圍內大部分條件下的不確定度可達0.15 °C。每個類型有四種不同的型號,我們提供了R 類熱電偶和S 類熱電偶來滿足您的應用。

具有八個型號,可適合任何的R 類或S 類熱電偶應用

  • 由福祿克公司計量校準部主要溫度標准設計團隊設計
  • 可提供兩個尺寸,分別含有或不含參考結
  • 未經校準的準確度是± 0.6°C 或讀數的± 0.1% 兩者中較大者

Made from the finest platinum and platinum-rhodium alloy, these type R thermocouples and type S thermocouples cover a temperature range of 0 °C to 1450 °C with uncertainties as good as 0.15 °C over most of that range. With four different models for each type, we have the type R thermocouple and type S thermocouple to fit your application.


Eight models to fit any type R or S thermocouple application

  • Designed by the Fluke Calibration primary temperature standards design team
  • Two sizes available, each with or without reference junction
  • Uncalibrated accuracy is the greater of ±0.6°C or ±0.1% of reading

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