Andon has developed the largest line of Image Sensor Sockets in the industry. We have sockets for Atmel, Dalsa, E2V, Fairchild, Hamamatsu, Kodak, Marconi, Micron, Motorola, National, NEC, Peripheral Imaging, Phillips, Site, Sony, TI, and Toshiba.

Image Sensor sockets provide higher reliability because the sockets can be soldered to the motherboard in large quantities. Later, as required, the sensors can be plugged-in or unplugged and upgraded easily.

The advantages for using sockets:

• Reduce static discharge (ESD) because of less handling. 
• Eliminate soldering temperature which can effect the color array. 
• Eliminate need to de-solder CCD. 
• Eliminate cleaning solution, scratches to glass plate, and risk blistering the PCB. 
• Eliminate assembly line temperatures, humidity, and shock.

Frame Grabber Sockets

• Andon is the industry leader for Rollerball® Ball Grid Array Sockets. 
• Contacts are specifically designed for Ball Grid Array sockets. 
• Andon can supply BGA sockets to any footprint.


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