7250LP型低壓數字壓力校準器是7250 系列中的一個特殊型號,專門設計用於滿足對以下儀器校準的性能要求:低壓壓力傳感器、壓力變送器、機械式壓力計、便攜式校準器及其插件模塊。

為適應雙向壓力設備,7250LP 在正表壓模式和負表壓模式下均可工作。



  • 10 inH2O 和30 inH2O(25 和75mbar)
  • 20 inH2O 和60 inH2O(50 和150mbar)
  • 35 inH2O 和100 inH2O(87 和250 mbar)

7250LP 在滿量程的10% 至100% 內可提供讀數0.005% 的精度。例如,測量30 至3 inH2O(75 至7.5 mbar)的壓力時,10/30 inH2O 7250LP 可提供讀數0.005% 的精度。範圍的增大和縮小變化均為自動操作,無需操作人員干預。由於7250LP 採用了差壓傳感器,因此,可將參考端口連接到測試系統的低端,以消除因大氣壓波動引起的壓力干擾。

  • 精度:讀數的0.005%
  • 控制穩定性:各範圍的0.004%
  • 分辨率為0.0001 inH2O
  • 達到設定點的時間:無超調情況下< 30 秒
  • 校準間隔為一年
  • Dual range, select from 10/30 inH2O or 20/60 inH2O or 35/100 inH20 range combinations
  • Precision: 0.005 % of reading from 10 % to 100 % Full Scale (FS)
  • Control stability: 0.004 % of each range
  • Resolution to 0.0001 inH2O
  • Time to set point: 30 seconds with no overshoot
  • Languages: English, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish and Italian 

The 7250LP low pressure digital pressure calibrator, part of the versatile Series 7250 family, is specifically designed to meet the demanding performance requirements of calibrating low pressure sensors, transducers, mechanical gauges, portable calibrators and their plug-in modules. To accommodate bidirectional devices, the 7250LP can be supplied to operate in both positive and negative gauge modes. The 7250LP offers unmatched performance and enhanced control stability.

Utilizing multiple ranges in a single instrument, the 7250LP combines precision, stability, speed and affordability. The 7250LP has a unique quartz sensor, the most accurate pressure sensing technology available in a digital pressure calibrator. Each quartz sensor is manufactured and tested to provide the ultimate performance required by a Fluke Calibration pressure calibrator, ensuring that every customer receives the highest quality, precision and stability in their instrument.

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